Powerful Web site content for high search engine positions

When you’re writing content for Web sites, there are two audiences – search engine spiders and people. Conventional SEO ignores the human audience, and even ignores the page content entirely.

We take the vital step by writing Web site content that both involves your visitors and enables your page to rate highly for a range of search terms.

Our search engine copywriting identifies and works with key words and phrases, which together with our technical SEO, makes your content easy to index in the way that benefits your business most.

Identifying your search terms

Targeting the right search terms (or key phrases) is fundamentally important to the way your site appears on search engines.

Understanding your marketplace and customers

What kind of things should our search engine copywriting be saying to the visitors to your site? How should we be presenting information in a way that visitors feel comfortable with it, can absorb it easily, and can make decisions based on that information? What is likely to be the most appropriate style and approach?

Understanding your business, offerings and strategy

How should we be selling your products and services? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Are you trying to build relationships or make immediate sales? We give you Web site content that’ll help you achieve your aims.

Competitor Analysis

Identifying your online competitors and exploring their sites and search engine performance.

Identifying and targeting niches

Chances are, unless your business is almost unique, there will be considerable competition for the more obvious search terms – ‘search engine optimization’, ‘Apple Mac software’ or ‘Four-star hotel’, for example. We suggest niches where you should be able to reach a good search engine position quickly. Our search engine copywriting fully exploits those niches.

Maximizing effectiveness

We focus on the optimum number of search terms, avoiding risky ‘keyword spam’, where overuse and incorrect placement of key words and phrases can lead to exclusion from search engines.

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