Ensuring your success in PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the way to get immediate traffic to your site. But traffic isn’t the end-point of course. You need sales that at least cover your outlay, or else you’re pouring budget away.

But even that’s not enough. That’s why we seek to maximise your ROI using a powerful, effective methodology evolved over nearly a decade.

Measured, managed, profitable Pay Per Click campaigns

Building an effective strategy – using key phrase research to build a strategy and campaigns that start you off on the right foot.

Measurement – installing Google Analytics, along with appropriate tracking from the PPC system we’ve chosen (in almost all cases, we’d start with Google AdWords because of its huge market share) to understand what’s paying and what’s not.

Development – making changes based on measurements, identifying new key phrases, testing advertisement copy. Using Google’s CPA tool to ensure that, on average, the clicks you buy are profitable – you tell us what you need to make on each purchase to make a profit, and we’ll ensure you do just that.

Reporting – showing how your budget is being spent, and how effective the campaign is.

What if they don’t buy the first time?

Some people will tell you one of the weaknesses of PPC is that you only have once chance to interact with your visitors. If they’re not ready to buy, you’ve probably wasted your money on the click.

But now that’s changed. AdWords’ Remarketing facility enables you to remind site visitors who didn’t buy about your products and services. You can even offer them an incentive to come back and make their first purchase.

Remarketing isn’t for every business. Typically, if yours is an e-commerce site with a wide range of related products, Remarketing is a great fit. Otherwise, it’s a case of careful, informed testing to see if it should be part of your PPC toolkit.

Supporting your PPC campaigns

While we provide a full service to most of our PPC clients, we’re equally happy to provide insights, recommendations and niche services to those who prefer to run at least part of their PPC in-house.
Ask us:

  • How can we improve our returns from PPC? A campaign review and recommendations from a third-party expert can make all the difference to the effectiveness of your campaign
  • How do we set up a PPC campaign? Research, strategy and set up gives you a solid foundation for a successful campaign
  • OK, we’ve done what you recommended. What’s next? Monthly or periodic reviews enable us to chart your progress and make recommendations based on your results

Find out more about how we can maximise your PPC ROI.