Myth 2: You need to submit your site to search engines regularly

SEO Myths #2

You need to submit your site to search engines regularly

This may have been true back in 2001, but it isn’t any more. To test it we set up a new site and submitted it to Google, then waited to see when it would turn up in the search results, both for a search, and for some unique nonsense words on the site.

After a week, there was no sign of the site being indexed. A month? No sign. Three months? No. Six months? Nope.

We set up another new site at the same time and linked to it from a not-very-popular site. Four days later, the new site was showing up in the search results. We tried again, this time linking to a new site from, the social bookmarking site. In this case the site was coming up in the search results a day later.

Google are interested in sites that are linked to by other sites, they take that as a vote of confidence in the new site they find. If you haven’t got any links from anywhere Google knows about, they just aren’t interested in your site. Don’t waste time re-submitting your site to search engines, spend the time instead building up links from other sites to yours.

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