David Rosam, Head of SEO Copywriting

I’ve been writing copy since the mid-1980s, when I had my baptism of agency life in Paris. I worked on the IBM account – in English, in case you’re wondering. I then returned to the UK and freelanced for some of London’s top agencies, specializing in technology and direct marketing copywriting – although I’ve written for financial services, private health and innumerable business-to-business clients.

I first started getting interested in the Web in 1995. And, having got a full understanding of the new medium, an early dotcom failure quickly followed. I suspect there was something missing from my business model for publishing on the Web… But that early venture means I’ve been writing for Web for around a decade.

Chamaeleon Marketing Communications was founded in 1997, when I inadvertently anticipated the networked ways of working so many are struggling with, even now. To me – and to our collaborators – it’s natural. So Chamaeleon works with some of the best online and offline marketing communications talent I know. As an ecosystem, it’s endlessly flexible, enabling us to assemble the most appropriate team to deliver exactly what our clients need.

So, with work for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Honda, Guilbert/Office Depot, PPP healthcare, the Prudential and countless small and medium-sized businesses under my belt, it’s time to harness what I know about great copy with Paul’s sometimes daunting knowledge of SEO and the technical side of building highly effective Web sites.

After two years of knowing each other through Ecademy we stopped complaining about what the other guys are doing and set the Web Positioning Centre loose in the marketplace. I believe we have a rare, if not unique, blend of well honed technical knowledge and proven copywriting abilities that do not compromise the way sites interact with human or spidering visitors.

I’m really excited that we’re doing things differently. I’m looking forward to talking to you about the problems you’re experiencing with your Web presence, and showing you how we can solve those problems.

Paul Silver, Head of Technical SEO

I’ve been building Web sites commercially since 1996. With five years web development experience in ColdFusion, ASP and PHP – including SEO-friendly Content Management Systems (CMSs) – I create new Web sites and re-work existing ones using XHTML and CSS to increase their visibility to search engines.

I also bring experience in training small-number courses in HTML and IT (some groups to nationally recognised qualification levels), as well as writing the associated training material. At the same time, I’ve amassed considerable experience making technical issues understandable to business people.

I’m a strong believer in ethical search engine optimization, working with the code of the pages of a site and the systems that deliver the pages to present the content of the page in a way that lets the search engines find the content easily – and gives speedy delivery of the same pages to the human visitors to your site.

The alternative approach of using coding tricks to artificially enhance your ranking in the search engines can only ever be a short-term strategy which will eventually damage your Web site as the search engines advance, discover the cheat, and penalize Web sites using it. I’m not interested in damaging sites in this way; I’d rather set them up for a long-term future where the only changes required are updating the content as your company grows.

Having had a stint at a charity for the visually impaired in the late nineties, I’m very interested in accessibility and ensuring Web sites can be viewed by their maximum audience. Interestingly, this dovetails nicely with SEO, which relies on many of the same methods to make content readable for search engines. I like being able to fix two problems with one set of changes.

I met up with David through Ecademy and his copywriting skill and my technical skills were a natural match. As it happens, we get on very well on a personal level and found we had the same outlook on how we want to work.